Take the Velospeed Cycle Challenge and feel like a winner!

John Clark, Velospeed
John Clark 07.04.20

With the recent COVID 19 pandemic restrictions in place, it has become even more necessary for us all to make the most of our time during lockdown.

Some of us are enjoying days of sitting in the garden sun, which seems to have come at the perfect time, others are enjoying a glass of wine at lunch time with no worries. We’ve seen lots of people working on projects they haven’t yet had time to commit to and are even learning new skills with their newfound boredom!

And then there are those that are taking part in the challenges that seem to have gone viral on social media. Here at Velospeed, we think these challenges look like great fun, but wanted to suggest a slightly more productive challenge, one that will even come with a prize!

Why not make the most of your one outing a day and get outside, the wind in your hair and bicycle pedals at your feet! With our challenge, you can make the most of your one hour and be working your way towards a goal and prize to redeem in-store (yes we’re still open!) or in our online ebike shop.

So, what is the #velospeedcyclechallenge you ask?

Bronze 30 Day Velospeed Cycle Challenge Badge

The 30-day bronze challenge

If you’re new to cycling or perhaps want to ease in, try our bronze 30 days of cycling challenge on either electric, mountain or road bike. To take part, simply get out on your bike every day, take a photo and share on Instagram, using the hashtag #velospeedcyclechallenge and tag us @velospeedbikes. We’ll keep track of the accounts that are taking part and once you hit 30 days of photo sharing, you’ll receive a bronze badge as well as a 5% discount that can be used once online or instore.

Silver 60 Day Velospeed Cycle Challenge Badge

The 60-day silver challenge

Fancy trying something a little trickier? Why not take part in our silver challenge which is 60 days of cycling on any bike of your choice. Again, just use the #velospeedcyclechallenge and tag us @velospeedbikes! After 60 days of cycling, you’ll receive a silver badge as well as a 10% discount that can be used once online or instore.

Gold 90 Day Velospeed Cycle Challenge Badge

The 90-day gold challenge

Does the idea of pushing yourself and committing to a daily cycle for 90 days sound more like it? Well, our 90-day gold challenge may be for you! Again, you can choose the type of bike you like to take part- simply get out and about, snap a picture of you cycling and share it on Instagram using #velospeedcyclechallenge tagging us @velospeedbikes. After 90 days, you’ll be the proud owner of a gold badge as well as a 15% discount that can be used once online or instore.

In these rather odd times, why not channel your energy into getting fit and making the most of the great outdoors by taking part in our online challenge. Our cycle challenges are accessible for all ages and cycle abilities and will be monitored each day by our team so we can keep track of your progress.

*This incentive is not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or schemes.