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About this ebike...

The Cargo takes your business anywhere.

Green last mile machine

By combining the load capacity of your van with the agility of an e-bike, this is the ultimate green machine for your last and first miles. Whether you deliver parcels, perishables or furniture, there’s a Cargo bike that will take you smoothly from A to B and beyond.

Zip through the city

Don’t want to waste any more time stuck in traffic, or looking for a parking spot? Then this is definitely your ride for inner-city deliveries. The Cargo removes noise and air pollution from the equation and boosts the flexibility of your delivery fleet.

Our bikes mean business

With any size of cargo. All the bikes in our Cargo range are equipped with the Bosch Performance motor, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a suspended front fork to smooth out your ride. You choose the length that suits your business needs. Will it be the Cargo L, XL or XXL?

In every nook and cranny

Because it is a bike the Cargo reaches deep into the capillaries of the city’s infrastructure with ease. With different box setups the Cargo enables you to deliver loads from 250 to 700 litres to your client’s front door, wherever that may be.

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Features we love

A real alternative to a van
Strong and safe
Up to 700 Litre capacity
Choice of motors
No road tax, MOT, congestion charge...
Huge range of boxes and options

The Nitty Gritty

Range up to 100 miles (twin battery option)
Motor 250W Bosch Performance/Performance/CX
Weight 50kg - 54kg
Total weight inc payload 275kg
Full specification
Motor Performance or Performance CX
Wheel size Rear wheel 26” Front wheel 20”
Battery 500Wh (dual battery option available)
Hub type Enviolo N-380
Brakes Shimano hydraulic disc brake
Weight 50kg - 54kg without cargo
Flatbed size Varies between 74cm (L) and 134cm (XXL)
Average range in TURBO 40km***
Max. load capacity 275kg*
Box size Top L 74cm x W 60cm Bottom L 64cm x W 55cm
Average range dual battery 80km
Max range in ECO 80km

Is this the right ebike for me?

The expense and hassle of delivering goods in a van is getting worse. For local and last mile deliveries more and more companies are turning to eCargo bikes. These bikes can carry a surprising payload of goods into the heart of the city with no fuel costs, vehicle tax, congestion charges or parking charges, all with zero pollution and the chance for your company to stand out as a leader in caring for the environment.

Urban Arrow are the market leader in Cargo bikes, they are immensely popular around Europe and with good reason, they’re well made, offer outstanding value for money and return on investment. Requiring minimal servicing and only needing recharging from standard 240v sockets, they’re up and running very quickly and allow you to carry goods to the very heart of the city.

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Short Film: 'Towards Smart Urban Mobility'

Fancy taking this ebike for a test ride yourself?

We think it’s important to make sure this ebike feels perfect for you so come along and have a free test ride!

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