Hiplock D1000 Anti Angle-Grinder Bike Lock

About this lock......

The Grind Is Over.

The world’s first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock. Hiplok D1000 represents a new era in mobile bike security. Using advanced material technology, never-before used in bicycle or motorcycle locks, the patent-pending D1000 can withstand a sustained attack from an angle-grinder +20 times longer than a standard D lock.

Independently tested and carrying the ultimate Sold Secure Diamond rating, D1000 fits bikes, e-bikes and motorbikes. With optimal sizing D1000 is secure and portable. 3 x coded replaceable keys and Hiplok Lifetime Warranty included

No Comparison. 

One of most lightweight Diamond rated bike locks at 1.9kgs yet unbelievably strong, the D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder Bike Lock has no rival when comparing real world security defence against motorized attack methods.

No worries

Worry less, ride more. Hiplok locks are engineered using the highest quality materials built to stand the test of time. They offer you total peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.


  • Anti-angle grinder lock featuring Ferosafe graphene composite
  • +20 times more resistant to angle grinder attack than standard D locks
  • Optimal sizing: ideal combination of portability, weight and security
  • Square profile graphene reinforced premium hardened steel shackle
  • Sold Secure Diamond Bicycle and Motorcycle rated
  • Locking Area: 15.5cm X 9.2cm

Double-Team PITBULL U-Lock and cable

Shackle 20mm graphene reinforced premium hardened steel shackle
Locking Area: 15.5cm X 9.2cm

The Nitty Gritty

Full specification
Weight 1.9kg
Shackle Diameter 20mm
Security Certification SOLD SECURE DIAMOND - Bicycle and Motorcycle
Key or Combination 3 x replaceable coded keys
Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty (10 Year)

Double-Team PITBULL U-Lock and cable

Strong yet surprisingly light and easy to carry, the Hiplok D1000 lock is high on security and practicality. Featuring the patented CLIP + RIDE system and with optimal sizing, Hiplok D locks clip to bag straps, belts and pockets making it easy to take the toughest of locks with you. This D lock comes with lifetime warranty and key replacement.

Hiplock D1000 lock in action!

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