Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750

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The Trike Family Hybrid is so full of ingenious design detail, it’s hard to know where to begin. A brand-new concept in its own right and a co-development with input from BMW, it combines the easy handling of a ‘normal’ hybrid bike with the versatility of a load-carrying machine and the safety and stability of three wheels. The unique tilting mechanism de-couples the load at the rear from the bike at the front, giving a natural feel to cornering. At the rear, the lightweight and tough box is designed with a high back and sides to help protect your children. A built-in rain cover lifts on its own gas strut, and the versatile seating and safety harnesses can be quickly and easily stowed away if you want to carry a cargo load instead. There’s even a storage compartment in the main frame, and the option to fit a front rack. Now… do you really need to take the car?

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Features we love

High Performance Aluminium: High performance aluminium is all about extracting the best possible performance from this strong, durable material. Cube select precisely the right grade of alloy for their needs, carefully tweak tube profiles to suit each application, and then meticulously weld each frame. It's your guarantee of a light, strong, durable and safe bike.
Gravity Casting: Gravity Casting moulds liquid aluminium into highly complex frame sections, resulting in extremely strong structures that can better withstand stress. For example, with the Hybrid models Cube were able to produce a motor mount that's optimised to cope with the loads placed on it in this specialised application, without adding unnecessary weight or sacrificing strength.
Comfort Ride Geometry: As you might expect, Cube's Comfort Ride Geometry delivers maximum comfort on two wheels. Because after all, who doesn't want a comfortable ride? Cube sweated the details of frame angles and dimensions to create a natural-feeling ride position and the ideal combination of stability and agility, so you not only feel comfortable but safe, too.
One Size Concept: The flexible ONE SIZE CONCEPT makes a bike so versatile it can be used by anyone, of any height. The saddle and stem easily adjust up or down to suit any rider from around 5ft 2in to 6ft 2in (1.60m to 1.90m), so everyone can have a comfortable, relaxing ride. It's the ideal bike to share: for the whole family, partners, friends, neighbours or colleagues. Or keep it for yourself as the perfect companion for wherever life takes you.
Downtube Storage: Cube's Downtube Storage provides an ingenious way of carrying your posessions in a lockable, integrated and secure compartment. With removable dividers, a rain-proof cover and easy access, it's the ideal way to carry anything from a waterproof jacket to some snacks, a pair of gloves... whatever you need.
EPP Foam Box: Carrying larger loads means having somewhere to put them, and that's where the EPP Foam Box comes in. Extremely light but also tough and durable, it gives this Cargo bike the versatility you'll need to carry just about any load you can think of safely and securely. You can even fit a child seat for up to two children...
Constant Velocity Joint and Differential: Two driven rear wheels help give this Trike Hybrid the exceptional grip and stability that make it such a versatile beast. To achieve this, Cube developed a constant velocity joint and differential – borrowing from automotive technology – so that each wheel can be driven indepedently. It's a maintenance-free, single component designed to handle high mileage. Just enjoy the ride.
Rain Cover and Seats for Children: Kids love bikes, and they love it even more when they can come along for the ride and just enjoy the view. Cube developed their child seat – with safety harnesses – with exactly this thought in mind. Safe, snug and secure, your kids can watch the world go by. The rain cover will even keep them dry if it rains...
Tilting Technology: To give this Trike Hybrid its exceptional stability and natural ride feel, Cube gave it an innovative tilting mechanism. The front of the bike leans naturally into corners with the rider, leaving the load area upright with both rear wheels giving maximum grip. The result is that it feels like riding a regular bike, even if you're carrying a cargo load or bringing your kids along in the child seats.
Front Carrier Ready: Carrying your belongings, shopping or work bag just got a little easier. Cube's new HIC (Headset Integrated Carrier) fits simply, neatly and very securely on the front of your CUBE bike to add accessible, stable and versatile load-carrying capacity. With the ability to safely accommodate a Eurobox of 300mm x 400mm, up to 20kg in weight and RILink accessories, you'll wonder how you managed without.

The Nitty Gritty

Range Up to 80 miles
Motor Bosch Drive Unit Cargo Line Generation 4 (85Nm) Cruise (250Watt), Smart System
Weight 75kg
Gears Enviolo Cargo manual Shifters
Full specification
Frame One Size
Suspension Fork SR Suntour MOBIE 34 CARGO 24", 100mm
Motor Bosch Drive Unit Cargo Line Generation 4 (85Nm) Cruise (250Watt), Smart System
Remote Bosch LED Remote
Battery Bosch PowerTube 750 Axial
Range Up to 80 miles*
Display Bosch Kiox 300
Charger Bosch 4A
Brake System Tektro Auriga Twin+ HD-E745 with parking lock mechanism (180/160)
Shifters Enviolo Cargo manual
Crankset ACID E-Crank, 170mm, 42T
Casette KMC 3mm, 18T
Chain KMC e101 EPT
Headset ACROS FI-Link, Top Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm), Bottom Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm)
Stem Cube Comfort Stem Pro 31.8mm Adjustable
Handlebar CUBE Comfort Trail Bar, 700mm
Grips ACID Travel Comfort Gripshift
Rims CUBE EX40, 507 x 36H / 406 x 32H, DISC, Tubeless Ready
Front Hub Cube Cargo Hub, 36H, Straightpull, 110x15mm Boost
Rear Hub Cube Trike Hub, Straightpull
Front Tyre Schwalbe Pick-Up, Super Defense, 65-507
Rear Tyres Schwalbe Pick-Up, Super Defense, 65-406
Saddle Natural Fit Sequence Comfort
Seat Post Satori Sorata 34,9mm, 280mm -440mm telescoping seatpost
Front Light ACID Front Light PRO-E 110, 5-16V, DC
Rear Light Supernova T-M99
Kickstand Ursus XXS
Mudguards ACID 75
Bell Ring Bell
Extras Bosch ConnectModule + Abdeckung
Colours swampgrey´n´black / blue´n´reflex / flashwhite´n´black
Weight 75kg

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You’re looking at the future of people carriers: compact, safe and emission-free. With its custom-designed seat and seatbelts, the Trike Family Hybrid means you can leave the car behind. There’s room for two child seats with a comfortable padding and five point seat belts. A rain canopy keeps the worst of the weather at bay, and, with Bosch power providing pedal assistance, the ride is smooth and easy.


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Fancy taking this ebike for a test ride yourself?

We think it’s important to make sure this ebike feels perfect for you so come along and have a free test ride!

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