Batribike Nebula

About this ebike...

Available in an eye-catching red, the Batribike Nebula has a stepthrough style featuring a high torque (90Nm) centre motor from Promovec.  This Danish design e-bike has been manufactured in Europe specifically for the UK market with traditional 28″ wheels. The bike also comes with an industry leading warranty.

This easy-to-use bike is provided with 7 speed Shimano derailleur gears with twin lever gear changers. As well as the ability to adjust the height of the seat and handlebars, you can also adjust the angle of the handlebars along with front and back adjustments to the saddle if required. The bike is fitted with a LED display as standard that provides adjustable speed in five easy selectable steps. 


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Features we love

European manufacture
Low seat position, suits the shorter rider
Easy to use with 7 speed hub gears
Choice of battery sizes
Mudguards and lights included
Lightest in class

The Nitty Gritty

Range Up to 74 miles, with the ‘extended range’ battery. Up to 52 miles with Standard battery.
Motor 250W centre mounted
Promovec Motor with 3 year Warranty
Weight 24.06 kg with Eco Battery
Gears 7 Speed Shimano Altus derailleur Gears
Full specification
Motor 250W centre mounted High Torque (90 Nm) Promovec Motor with 3 year Warranty
Gear 7 Speed Shimano Altus derailleur Gears with Shimano Rapidfire Shifter
Brakes Tektro Vee brakes front and rear
Weight of Bike 21.46 kg (47.3 lbs) without battery / 24.06 kg (53 lbs) with Eco Battery
Weight of Battery Eco Battery 2.6 kg | 5.7 lbs / Standard Battery 3.54 kg | 7.8 lbs / Long Range Battery 4.1 kg | 9 lbs
Loading Total - Rider & Luggage - 120 kg | 18 st 12 lbs / Rack - 25 kg | 55lbs
Power Levels LED - 5 Levels Mini LCD - 4 Levels Centre LCD - 5 Levels
Charge Time 4 to 6 hours from flat <2A Charge Current
Lights Front - System powered LED light Rear - LED light incorporated in battery (Always on)
Dimensions 1 Overall Length - 182 cm | 71.7 ins / Height - 115 cm | 45.3 ins / Width - 63 cm | 24.8 ins
Dimensions 2 Saddle Height MIN - 80 cm | 31.5 ins / Saddle Height MAX - 99 cm | 39 ins / Step-Through - 45 cm | 17.7 ins
Dimensions 3 Frame Size - 43 cm | 16.9 ins / Wheel Size - 28 ins / Wheelbase - 110 cm | 43.3 ins
Range Eco - 23-50 km | 14-31 miles / Standard - 39-84 km | 24-52 miles / Long Range - 53-120 km | 33-74 miles
Warranty Cycle Parts - 2 Years / Battery - 3 Years (Upgradeable to 5) / Motor - 3 Years / Frame - 5 Years
Suspension Suspension Forks

Is this the right ebike for me?

Batribike have been supplying quality electric bikes that have been designed and purpose built for the UK for more than a decade, and the Nebula city ebike is a stylish example of the Batribike brand.

"We have sold bikes from Batribike for many years and are very happy with the support and service from this UK family company."
John Clark

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Fancy taking this ebike for a test ride yourself?

We think it’s important to make sure this ebike feels perfect for you so come along and have a free test ride!

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