Advanced RECO Wave Trekking 750

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The RECO Wave Trekking 750 is at home in the city and is adapted to all the conditions of small towns, large cities and rural environments. With its agile ride and easy handling the RECO is particularly comfortable and extremely safe. The RECO model convinces with its appealing design and outstanding [Made in Germany] quality. These bikes are the means of transport of the future and get you from A to B in the city and beyond quickly and easily. You are always mobile and are supported by a powerful Bosch motor and a high-quality battery. Reactive, high-quality brakes also ensure maximum safety in everyday use, so you come to a stop quickly. 100% recyclable. Sustainable riding at its best.

Frame made from 100% recyclable carbon composite.
Made from one cast. Made to last.
Quality components. Bosch powered.
68% less carbon emissions.
Made in Germany with 30 years warranty on the frames.

Environmental Credentials:
40% of the Advanced Composite granulate is carbon waste from the automotive industry. Advanced Bikes recycle this and thus save resources and emissions.
A bicycle frame is created from the advanced composite granulate using complex injection moulding technology. At the end of its life, this can simply be ground up, melted down and manufactured into a new frame or component. Completely without waste.
Aesthetics and sustainability combined in a frame with striking lines from a single mould. Positive side effect: exceptional sound- and shock-absorbing properties.

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Features we love

Bosch, Kiox 300 display
750WH Battery Capacity
Suntour XCR34 80mm Forks
Bosch, Performance CX Motor

The Nitty Gritty

Motor The Bosch Performance CX motor is the most powerful of its kind with 85 Nm. It turns every incline into a flat.
Fork The Suntour XCR 34 air fork offers you maximum comfort and the ability to customize it to your liking.
Display The Bosch Kiox 300 display is the familiar Kiox enlarged by a factor of 1.5, so you can see your ride data even more precisely.
Full specification
Frame Size S-M, L-XL
Frame Shape WAVE
Motor Power 85 NM
Battery Capacity 750 WH
Display BOSCH KIOX 300
Gearshift SHIMANO DEORE 10
Gears 11
Speed 25 KMH
Warranty 30 years warranty on the frame and 4 years on the @boschebikesystems warranty.

Is this the right ebike for me?

The RECO  is the result of a long-held idea: to revolutionize the bicycle market, to simplify manufacturing, to significantly shorten delivery routes. And above all: to make e-bikes sustainable. Because this innovative frame technology uses ADVANCED Composite material, which is 100% recyclable. The material has extraordinary sound- and shock-absorbing properties. The frame is injection molded in Germany with 68% less Co2 emissions.
The RECO  is available in three trendy colours. Don’t waste a good thing: If you do decide to buy a new model after many years of use and riding pleasure, the RECO can easily be returned to the cycle. In production, the RECO is broken down into its individual parts again and its frame – ground into small granulate pieces – forms the basis for a new frame. 68% less Co2 emissions during frame production. 100% recyclable frame. Endless riding fun.


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Fancy taking this ebike for a test ride yourself?

We think it’s important to make sure this ebike feels perfect for you so come along and have a free test ride!

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