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Balance bikes

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From Moustache – these first bikes are perfectly engineered, just like their big brothers. Get a head start in life with a Mercredi!

City Electric Bikes

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Perfect for a carefree (and sweat free!) commute, or a shopping trip around town.

Electric MTB


Taking offroad cycling to a whole new level, eMTBs are the most fun you can have on two wheels.

Hybrid ebikes

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These ebikes are suitable for road use and also offroad. While not suitable for rocketing down the side of a mountain, they are great for whizzing along towpaths, or tracks through woods, as well as riding to work, or a leisurely ride to the pub.

Road Electric Bikes


Touring & Trekking ebikes

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These ebikes are equally at home in the town or on a country road, or a track through the woods on a leisure ride.

Women’s electric bikes

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The geometry of these electric bikes has been specifically designed with women in mind.

Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes, or ebikes – also sometimes called battery bikes – are a serious and realistic means of transport. They are lighter than ever before, better designed, better built and come in all shapes and sizes. Some are specialised for city riding, others for serious mountain biking, and all uses in between. There are different motor and battery options depending on your needs and budget. Big names such as Bosch produce motors and batteries for them. One thing they all have in common is the huge smile they bring to your face!

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