Online Vs Shop

Mike Lawson 15.12.22
Recently a customer was comparing an online purchase only bike (identity protected) vs #Moustachebike Dimanche. This made me think about the differences (cost, experience, service etc) for the whole life of the bicycle which I believe is a very important point to consider.
Now I cannot take credit for this, but a recent article by #Ternbike reminded me of the key points to consider when comparing the two purchasing methods:
1: You’re not just buying a bike but also buying access to all the service and support you’ll need along the way. Having a local point of contact for maintenance, repairs, and warranty claims offers a ton of value.
2: When you go with a Bosch e-bike, you’re getting a top-quality motor system that comes with perks like sophisticated
diagnostic reports.
3: And importantly, should your Bosch motor system ever be discontinued, Bosch guarantees the availability of batteries and spare parts for six years after the end-of-product-life
Whilst bikes are cheaper to purchase online, I think it is really important (considering the investment made) to consider where /how you purchase your next #Ebike. This is reinforced by a recent setup of a dropper seat post on a new bike, which if purchased online would have been considerably more challenging to manage.