New year’s resolutions? Could an electric bike be the answer?

John Clark, Velospeed
John Clark 19.12.19

With the excesses of the festive season comes the feeling that perhaps we should be doing something to get fitter. But what? The short winter days and cold weather are hardly an inspiration to get outside instead of reaching for the mince pies. 

What about dedicating more time to helping the environment? At Velospeed, we’re big advocates for helping make a change and we believe we can help you do that.

Another great resolution is to spend more time with the family. A work-life balance is essential so why not do it and achieve the first two resolutions at the same time? 

What works for a lot of people is an electric bike; you will be amazed how good they are, and how much fun! Here’s how you can smash your New Year’s resolutions in 2020 by getting an electric bike.

 How can electric bikes help with health, fitness and weight loss?

 But (you ask) how does an electric bike help build fitness? A very good question! Electric bikes assist your cycling, rather than doing all the work, they help you pedal. If you’re feeling like getting some exercise, turn the motor down, or off. When you see a hill in front of you, instead of gritting your teeth and groaning, turn up the motor and it’s like having another two invisible pairs of legs helping you. What hill?

 The beauty of this is that you’re getting exercise and hardly noticing it. And you’re burning calories; studies show that ebike riders are burning only about 20% fewer calories than non-assisted cyclists. Losing weight without even noticing! And we find that people ride further, and more frequently, on an electric bike. Some customers have sold their second car and make all short trips on their ebikes.

 Sir Chris Hoy, British Olympic cycling hero, says that ebikes “are a nice combination of using your own human power and having a bit of assistance too. And once you’ve ridden an e-bike, you completely get it “. Can’t argue with Sir Chris.

 It’s not just about burning those naughty calories. Cardio-respiratory fitness is improved, as you’re using your lungs. Blood pressure goes down, and it just feels so good to be out there in the open air, getting exercise on your own terms.

 A study by the University of Basel, Switzerland, concludes:

 “Those who use ebikes on a regular basis benefit permanently, not only in terms of their fitness, but also in terms of other factors such as blood pressure, fat metabolism, and their mental well-being.”

How are electric bikes good for the environment?

 There is rapidly rising awareness of the damage we’re doing to the planet, and much discussion about what we can do to stop it. Electric bikes are proving to be a valuable part of the solution!

 Riding an electric bike is great for the environment. For the charging cost of a few pence you have an average range of 50 miles with no emissions (from the bike, at least). You’re taking up less road space and doing no damage, you’re out in the fresh air with the wind in your hair and a clean conscience. They’re also almost silent, so you can hear the birds singing and you’re not disturbing anyone.

Electric bike in nature

Can electric bikes reduce commute time?

Leave the house later and get home from work earlier! On an ebike you can cut your journey time, they are consistently quicker than using a normal bike, using public transport or driving in many cases. And the beauty of it is you’re getting exercise and arriving ready for work rather than needing a shower and change of clothes.

Man riding electric bike

Spend quality time with the family.

How can the whole family do things together? One way is to go out on bike rides together, enjoying the countryside, having races and exploring new places. An ebike means you can enjoy the experience rather than worrying about getting tired out, or aggravating an injury.  Something the whole family will benefit from!