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My E-Bike ExperienceAlexia Desile

Alexia Desile 22.03.22

My name is Alexia Desile, mountain bike rider and racer supported by Moustache bikes. I always like to explore new opportunities and share my knowledge to help people discover the joy of biking so, in this blog post, I’ll share my experience with E-bikes and why they’re so great to ride.

My passion for bikes started 4 years ago when I first jumped on to a full suspension bike and realised how much fun they are, but it wasn’t until a year ago when I was offered the opportunity of riding in an E-bike race that I understood the full potential of biking and this is where my passion for electric bikes was born!

I’d never been on an E-bike before, but I learned a lot about them during the event and I realised how much fun and how convenient they are to ride. I was instantly hooked and have been riding electric bikes ever since, to the tune of thousands of miles over the last year or so.

Riding an Ebike has so many benefits!
Health and exercising is really important for me and E-biking has made it a lot easier and accessible. When before I would use the weather or the fact that I was a tired as an excuse not to go out… Now I am always keen to get on my bike and tackle the hills, the wet conditions and anything that would have put me off before.

E-biking is a great way to explore places and enjoy the outdoors. I am always planning or dreaming about a new adventure and the UK is an amazing place for it. So far I have discovered the Lake District, Scotland and the Highlands, Wales and parts of Devon. But this year, I am about to take it to another level by entering international races in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It has also given me sensations of speed, adrenaline and most importantly fun. I literally cannot stop smiling when I am on my Moustache bike 😊

The mountain bike world is a big community where everybody is friendly and always willing to help and give advice to help you become a better cyclist.

E bikes are quickly gaining popularity as an eco-friendly and practical means of transportation, whether you’re commuting to work, enjoying a scenic ride along the beach, or just getting some exercise on your lunch break. If you want to take it to the next level, it also opens up so many opportunities for harder and longer marathon rides, riding more technical terrain or even racing.

The basic structure of an e-bike is the same as that of its non-electric counterpart, but it gives riders the ability to travel farther and faster. Especially up the hills where you would usually see people pushing their bikes!

Ebiking is still a very new sport but most organisations are getting up to speed with its increasing popularity and the ever growing number of Ebike riders. Most races are now offering an Ebike category and even the bigger events like EWS or the Ebike World Tour are creating events specifically for Ebikers.

I’ve talked a lot about off-road riding and racing but there are loads of different types of ebikes which means that you will always find one that is right for you. Moustache Bikes is the perfect example for that. I will class the bikes in three main categories: commuters, performance and utility. An Ebike is a good way to make your commute more fun and probably quicker – but also cheaper and easier than if you had to take your car. And much better for you! If you are a bit more of an adrenaline junky and think about bikes as a challenge then E-bikes are also for you. They can be found in road, gravel or EMTB versions and will really take your cycling to another level.

Now if you are thinking about bikes as a work tool or want to make your company more Eco friendly, E-bikes are the future with some amazing Cargo bikes options!

I could get into more details but I will let you discover all the options on the Velospeed website www.velospeed.co.uk – or call them for more information!

Now I am sure your last question is… Is an E-bike for me? I would say yes, Ebikes are for everybody!! But there are a few points to pay attention to before you start. As a mountain bike coach, I would advise you to take a few lessons before you start. Technique is important and will only give you more confidence to enjoy the ride and have all the fun. Make sure you are geared up properly and you get the best advice from your local shop. Do some research and think about what you will use the bike for.

If you are new to the mountain biking and off-road world, make sure you pick places to ride that are suitable for your level and ensure that you have the right protection (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads…. )

To finish I would say the most important is to make sure that you respect the trails/roads, the environment and the other riders around you.

I hope this made you want to try one out yourself and I look forward to have you join me in this adventure on two wheels!