Ile De Re – fine food, wine, scenery and Ebikes

Mike Lawson 30.11.22

Welcome to Velospeed! My name is Mike and today I wanted to share with you my experiences of an excellent holiday in France. For years I had heard about the French flocking to ile-de-Ré as it is an ideal seaside resort with excellent beaches and away from the big cities of France which is on the west coast of France by La Rochelle.

The highlights of the island include; 10 villages on one island, the oysters (however I am not partial to these), the scenery, the food, the salt marshes and most importantly the  paths just for bicyclists that criss-cross the whole island.

We stayed in a wonderful hotel in Saint-Martin-de-Ré and were treated to spectacular classic cars cruising along the French West Coast.

The highlight for us was the bicycling our Moustache bikes up and down the island totaling 120km over the 4 days. Top tip here, remember to pack your battery charger or you will be on battery saver mode all the time. The bikes Moustache XRoad 7 and Samedi 28.3 were perfect for the mixed terrain paths (road and gravel) covering the distances in no time at all.

If like me you enjoy the finer things in life, I cant recommend enough the combination of good food, fine wines and stunning scenery that Ile de Ré offered.