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  • What range should I expect from an electric bike?

    The range you can expect from a single charge depends on quite a few things; the battery capacity, how you ride the ebike, what terrain you are riding over, etc. We generally expect 25 – 50 miles but some people achieve over 100 miles on a single charge by careful use of the motor.

  • How long will an ebike battery last?

    Bosch batteries are guaranteed for 500 charge cycles, or two years. They will go on a lot longer than this. Other brands are similar in their life expectancy, though some offer a longer warranty period. A battery should last you for several years if you look after it properly, and we’ll advise you on battery dos and don’ts. They can be expensive to replace, so it’s important to look after it.

  • Do ebike batteries have “memory effect”?

    The lithium-ion batteries used in modern electric bikes can be charged at any time regardless of their charge state. Complete discharge of the battery isn’t necessary.

  • How long does it take to charge an ebike?

    From empty, this varies from bike to bike from 2.5 hours to 6 hours. It’s possible, with the Bosch system, to buy a fast charger which takes hours off the charge time for a large 500Wh battery.

  • How much does it cost to charge an ebike?

    Estimates vary, but are generally in the range of 5p – 10p per charge. This means for the price of a tank of petrol at, say £60, you could travel around the world. It would take ages, mind you.

  • What are the legal requirements for an ebike?

    The legal requirements for an ebike are that the motor is no more than 250w, the motor stops assisting at 25kph (15.5mph), the rider is 14 or over. Throttles are not allowed for speeds above 6kph, so if fitted they are used as a “walk assist” feature, helping you push the bike along.

  • What warranty do I get with an ebike?

    That depends on the electric bike. Our moustache ebikes have a 5 year warranty on frames, 2 years on the electrical bit. Other ebikes are usually similar though Batribike now offer 3 year battery warranties on most models.

  • Can I try an ebike out?

    Yes! We think it’s essential to try out before you buy. We have many good, quiet routes around us which include hills and offroad, if you want to try a suitable ebike. We have about 30 demo bikes that you can try, so there should be something for everyone.

  • Do you service ebikes?

    Yes. We’re a Bosch accredited service centre, trained in all the latest technology, and we service all the brands we sell. We offer a free 1st service to check that everything is still correct after the first 250 miles or so of riding, and to make any adjustments you find necessary.

  • Do you supply insurance for ebikes?

    Insurance is a very good idea for your valuable ebike. If your home insurance doesn’t cover the bike then we have teamed up with Assetsure to provide a bespoke insurance scheme specifically for electric bikes. They offer 14 days free cover with your new bike, during which time you can decide whether you want to continue with them or not.

  • Can I buy an ebike through a company scheme?

    Absolutely. We are signed up with the “Cycle to Work” scheme (they have a £1000 limit), the “Bike2Work” scheme (£1000 limit but depends on your company) and the “Green Commute Initiative” (no limit). You can save up to 42% of the cost using one of these schemes, if your company participates in one. Not bad!

  • What is a Pedelec?

    Pedelec is a term for “pedal electric” – meaning that you have to pedal to get the motor to work. All our bikes are in this category, which is the only legal way for bikes to work in Europe.

  • Do ebikes have a throttle?

    EU law doesn’t allow a throttle for speeds above 6km/h. Many ebikes used to have throttles but most people never used them anyway as the pedelec functionality is much easier and intuitive to use.

  • Why should I buy an electric bike?

    People buy ebikes for many different reasons, from improving fitness to commuting, and cycle touring to nipping around town. Because you can use one wherever you can use a “normal” bike, they’re amazingly flexible and versatile. And you get fitter while using it, without really noticing. Why would you not buy one? If you want to find out more just come to our showroom and try them out!

  • Does an electric bike charge when I pedal?

    No. There have been a few attempts at this but in our experience they were less reliable, didn’t offer a great range improvement and they took all the fun out of going downhill. You never know what the future holds but currently all our ebikes are simply mains chargeable.

  • What size ebike should I buy?

    That’s a very important question. You need to buy the one that works for you and while we have size guides to show which frame size is suitable for ranges of height there are other factors too. Some people prefer a smaller frame, others larger. The best thing is to come and see what “fits”.

  • Will an ebike fit in my car?

    Obviously if you have a big car then there’s a good chance it will fit in. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove the front wheel, which is not a big job in most cases. However, if you don’t have room or would rather keep the bikes outside your vehicle, we sell some brilliant racks that just clip onto a towbar. We’ve got one in the showroom which we’ll be pleased to demonstrate.

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