E-biking for beginners

Mandy 15.09.22

I‘m very glad to tell you that I am now the proud owner of an ebike thanks to Velospeed Electric bikes. I’ve never really liked cycling that much before, but my bike, with it’s motor magic, has converted me into a full-blown member of the bicycle fellowship. There is no handbook on how to e-bike, I suppose experience is the best teacher, but here are some handy hints if you, like me, are new to the game.


  • Always flip the stand up before you set off or you will fall off when you go round a left-hand bend.


  • Try to get into a lower gear and a more powerful mode before you stop on a hill. Lowest gear = 1st


  • Have a mirror fitted to your handlebars, so you can yell to your husband ‘CAR!’ because he hasn’t got a mirror yet.


  • Never stay in turbo when turning onto a gravel road or you’ll end up on the ground like a howling Swiss army knife, and your friends, or passing horse riders, will have to dust you down and put you back together again. Turbo mode used at the right moment, however, can make you feel like you have a super-power. Hills, what hills?


  • Keep your mouth closed when going down a hill at 20mph. Unless you like the taste of flies. It’s tricky because e-biking makes you hoot with happiness.


  • Get a Basil bag for your bike rack, mine has fold down panniers and an extendable top. Always keep snacks in it.


  • Get a nice comfortable seat fitted for posterior comfort. Mine’s quite a squashy one. If you’re not used to cycling, your bum will feel the burn, but I’m glad to tell you mine is doing fine. On an e-bike you still have to pedal pretty much all the time, so you get a good lot of exercise, but because it’s such a brilliant experience it’s never too much of a challenge.


  • If wheeling your bike down a steep hill, use your brakes, e-bikes are a bit heavy. My bike, a Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 3 hybrid, in a trendy shade of white, has ‘walk mode’ which can help with pushing your bike uphill.


  • I know I look like I have ‘all the gear and no idea’ but it’s really important to be seen. I’m most probably visible from the moon. I’d rather look a bit more casual but as Mrs Health and Safety I am duty bound to look sporty. My husband bought me a rather stylish hi viz jacket for my birthday, it has pockets in its pockets. My bike helmet has a flashing light on the back, it also has a pull-out rain hood – make of that what you will.


E-biking has certainly opened up my world. I recently went on a trip to the New Forest (Burley to be precise) with its meditating donkeys hanging around outside Tesco and the scents of pine tree and pony poo. I really hadn’t cycled since I was a teenager, but now I’ve got my e-bike I’m feeling the  the joy of pedal power and there’s no stopping me. It’s addictive. After 120 miles I’m now really getting my confidence, where to next?… To the pub of course!