Our ebike story

Electric bikes, from then till now

We’ve been in the ebike business since 2009. Nick had travelled to China on a business trip, and during his visit was amazed to see the large numbers of electric bikes being ridden. He made some enquiries and we decided to bring a few bikes in to see what they were like. We also went around the UK talking to bike dealers and gauging opinion. It seemed to us that ebikes were a great possibility to improve transport in the UK, so we started selling ebikes from Nick’s garage in Aldworth.

NICK WILLIAMS Ebiking aficionado

It has been great being part of the development of the ebike industry in the UK over the last 10 years. The electric bike is a wonderful invention with so many positive attributes that promoting its use is, for me, a worthwhile and satisfying job.
Apart from in my youth, I have never been an enthusiastic cyclist but now I enjoy nothing more than jumping on one of our demo ebikes and exploring our local area, it makes me feel like a teenager again – well almost!

John Clark, Velospeed
John Clark Passionate about ebiking

I’ve always cycled. Usually to a pub, but for several years I cycled to work, putting the bike on the train and cycling at either end. How I’d have loved an ebike back then! Still, it got me fit. I’ve always worked in IT and welcomed the opportunity to move into this area. I love the satisfaction of selling someone a life-changing product.

What do our customer say...?

"Thank you for the great service that I received from you and I have certainly sung your praises to anyone who will listen..." Michael W, Reading
"Thank you so much for your time and courtesy (i now understand why you attract such good reviews) and if i am able to sell my Kalkhoff i will be back to you." Michael D, Reading
"We can't recommend Velospeed highly enough: it's terrific! We received great advice from Nick and John, the knowledgeable and enthusiastic owners. There's a superb range of stock to try..." Sue and Bob Remington, Reading

Our philosophy

It’s our aim to build Velospeed into the “go-to” shop if you want an electric bike. We believe in proper old-fashioned customer service, and that people need to be given time to try out ebikes before they buy. We are passionate about ebikes and want to share that passion and joy with everyone, and that means selling them the right bike, looking after the bike they’ve bought and ensuring many happy years of power assisted cycling. Put simply – we care.

Our promise

We undertake to always sell the best bike for you, not for us. We appreciate that you are spending your hard-earned money on an electric bike and we want you to enjoy it and make the most of this great experience. We will help you every step of the way and look forward to hearing about your cycling adventures! We promise to do the right thing.

We work with the best ebike brands

We love the ebikes we sell, or we wouldn’t sell them. For example, Moustache are a small company but growing madly every year, and that’s because the quality of their products beats everyone else. Also, they have a bike for almost everyone in their range. We’ve worked with some of our brands for many years, for example Batribike, who are a British company. From experience we know we, and therefore you, can rely on them. Other great brands are selected to fulfil a need, for example cargo bikes, and we select the very best available at a reasonable price point. Our brands cover all aspects of electric cycling and we know we can sell them with pride and confidence.

We think it’s important to make sure the bike feels perfect so come along and have a free test ride!

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