A beautifully aged Lundi

Mike Lawson 23.11.22

Welcome to Velospeed, my name is Mike. Today one of the original Moustache Lundi electric bikes sold by us back in 2016 to Frost Meadowcroft, a commercial property agency in London, came in for a long needed service.

What was interesting about this (especially given COP27 and current environment concerns), was how much the bike is used at Frost Meadowcroft. Rather than using taxis and public transport (with resulting pollution), their staff use the bike to travel around London visiting office buildings and meeting clients onsite (something I am sure we will all be encouraged to do more in the future).

As you can see, the bike has had thousands of miles put on it and in many ways reminds me of the patina of Royal Mail vans bleached with the sun (something I personally like the look of). If like FM, you have environmental concerns and want to do your bit towards helping the environment, come see us here at Velospeed (either at our Oxford or Yattendon stores) and we would love to demonstrate to you the benefits and convenience of owning an electric bike.