Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow sells a range of sturdy cargo electric bikes with a modern look – each adjusted in different ways to the freight they need to carry. There are three models in the range: The Cargo, the Family and the Shorty.

The Cargo can carry 350 litres and 150 kilos, which means you can swiftly transport a reasonable load through town. It’s not bothered by traffic jams, it’s cost efficient and thanks to the replaceable boxes it can carry almost any freight. You could also customise the freight box with advertising or your company logo.

The Family quickly and safely carries you and your children across town. The bicycle has a lightweight aluminum frame and comfortable upright riding postion, and can be easily and smoothly maneuvered through traffic. Its center of gravity is close to the ground to give it grip on the road, and the robust, shockproof foam box gives your children extra protection.

The Shorty is a tough and stylish commute bike. With the electric assist and comfortable continuously variable transmission it moves you and your stuff from A to B in no time. And, as with other electric bikes,  the Shorty has a the advantage that there is no need for a scooter driver’s license. Like the Cargo, the Shorty has a striking urban appearance, which makes it an ideal advertising medium.

Urban Arrow – Cargo Flatbed – L
The Urban Arrow Cargo L iis the most versatile and efficient way of covering the last mile. It’s fast, doesn’t get stuck in traffic jams and is big enough to carry a lot of cargo. The Cargo also helps the urban environment: the bicycle does not emit any exhaust fumes and is very quiet to use. No van can match it. These prices do not include carrier box.
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Urban Arrow – Family
The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist with which you can transport your children through the urban jungle quickly and safely. The bicycle has a light aluminum frame and is highly maneuverable, so you can zigzag smoothly through the traffic. Our accessories like the folding bench or extra seat on the back allow you to fully customize the bike to your family’s needs. All with a stylish Dutch design. Today we’re going to leave the car at home and take the bike. What more could your family want? GO TO FAMILY ACCESSORIES FOR DETAILS
£3,999.00£4,699.00 Select options
Urban Arrow – Shorty
The Shorty is a rugged commuter bike. You can rapidly transport things from A to B with the electric assist and the comfortable continuously variable transmission. And it's green, since - unlike a scooter - the Shorty has no emissions and makes virtually no sound. These prices do not include carrier box. GO TO ACCESSORIES PAGE FOR BOX PRICES
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