The bike is a delight, much the best electric bike that I have ever used and I did try quite a number before buying the Dimanche 28 from you.

What I particularly like is the way in which it responds to my effort to boost performance, so with a bit of grunt I can get up to a cruising speed using the eco mode and then remain at that speed on the flat or slight gradients, only using the other modes to add power on hills. Using the higher modes on the flat gives even higher speeds.

The bike also handles beautifully un-powered so fast descents without using up the battery are a breeze.

In all on an average ride I have been getting a range of over 50 miles which is great.

What many people seem to believe is that electric bikes are only for a little geriatric pottering, this bike is not! – though of course one could ride sedately if one wished.

Please feel free to use this in any customer feed-back you wish, and thank you again for a terrific bike.


Nick Gough


I am writing to say how pleased I am with my Moustache Dimanche 28 Silver, as I said to you when I purchased it, my reasons for going electric were health related and “am I glad that I did”.

I ride twice a week between 35 – 70 miles with my local CTC and boy do they like their hills, I had been riding a Chris Boardman Race before the change and was finding at 70, I just could not get up the steep hills and was very close to giving up my CTC rides. That’s not the case anymore! Since buying the Moustache from you, hills are a doddle and I can now look forward to a hilly ride. I only use the battery assist on hills or in strong head winds, and even on a 60 mile hilly ride recently it only used half the battery capacity. I must also add, that when I turn the unit off, the bike rides even better than my normal road bike, which rather surprised me. Is there a down side to an electric bike? Yes, the other riders can hear you zooming up behind them as you pass them on a hill and you get comments like “here comes Ernie the fastest milk float in the west”, but I can live with that, as I wait smugly at the top of a hill refreshed and ready for the next one, as they stop drained and gasping, who’s having the last laugh?

I would just like to say to anyone thinking of buying a Moustache electric bike, stop thinking and start enjoying!

Once again thank you for all your assistance and help and I would wholeheartedly recommend Velospeed to anyone.

A very happy customer, James


Looking to replace my vintage Raleigh bike I found the Velospeed website…and I am so glad I did. Upon my visit I was invited to test ride many makes of E bikes up & down the surrounding quiet country lanes..

Being tall I decided on a Batribike Granite XL..after 400 miles I am still delighted with my bike.

If & when I need to replace my bike I will have no hesitation in returning to Velospeed for their friendly & expert service.

Regards, H.E


Dilys and Roy Edwards here. Several years on and we are still enjoying using our bikes, they have become an Integral part of our lives and we have such fun using them and saved so much diesel.  We are still using original batteries and with solar panels at home now even more  economical to use.

Thank you


We found your place easily and were greeted in a very friendly manner. We were given a non-pressured ‘tour’ of the tricycle and allowed to ride it as much as we wanted in the vicinity.  Initially there was some hesitancy and lack of skill but that quickly evaporated.  Now (a few weeks on) it is a much appreciated bike which has proved easy to ride, both to Tesco and out and about.  The large back basket is terrific for even quite heavy loads.  The tilt feature of the front versus rear wheels leads to a comfortable and natural cycling experience.

Thanks also for your special effort to ensure we were able to take away the trike the same afternoon.

M&D – New Forest


…The bike is a delight to ride, by far the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. The motor drive is smooth and virtually silent and the riding position exactly right to provide effortless cycling. The constant readout advising the range left in the battery is brilliant and indicates a probable range of around 40 miles, although I have yet to put that to the test. My usual ride is about 25 – 30 miles, not bad for a 72 year old youngster.

I cannot speak too highly of the after sales service I have received from Velospeed. They showed real interest in my problem and dealt with it is a very professional and effective manner. So, to A to B, thank you for introducing me to the Daum bike. To Velospeed, many thanks for and excellent service. Both the bike and the main dealer are highly recommended.

Derek Wright, Middx.


Dear All
I thought i would drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful service in regard to my new Moustache Mountain Bike.

I appreciate the bike is not standard and i cannot speak highly enough of the efforts yourselves and Moustache went to to accommodate this, a far different experience than was experienced elsewhere.

The bike is beautifully built and a huge amount of care and attention has been considered in its design and manufacture which would not perhaps be immediately obvious on first inspection

I wish you every success in the future

Yours sincerely
CO Robertson-Aikman
Managing Director


Top Quality Service

At Velospeed we try very hard to give our customers a top quality service, just like we would hope to be treated ourselves. This means that we try harder to make sure you’re happy with your purchase both before and after you’ve bought one of our electric bikes. We’re a very small company with a lot of very happy customers.

It’s good to be appreciated and here are some comments from our customers. If you’d like to send us your feedback then please do!