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Bargains-flashUnique, technologically advanced and immensely stylish, we are very pleased to be able to offer the Moustache range of electric bikes.

Moustache is a structured collection with five families to cover all the different riding needs: urban, all-road, road, mountain bike and children’s bikes, so you can find the right Moustache for you!

Utilising the latest motors, batteries and electronics from Bosch, these are top of the range machines – built to last, and with warranties of five years for the frame, and two years for forks, accessories, motor and battery.

Lun26_Nuvinci_SquareBrochure-greenLundi 26

practical urban /

Leave the car in the garage and cycle to work, to the market, shopping, or just to discover your city from a new perspective.

The Lundi 26 is a unique, androgynous and chic e-bike with a practical step-through frame, and balloon tyres for additional comfort.

The exclusive and ergonomic Moustache handlebar provides a perfect riding position.


Fri26_BLACK3_SquareBrochure-greenFriday 26-27

sporty urban /

The Friday is fast in the city and practical, sporty and fun once you break out of the urban jungle.

Very compact, it uses beautiful, hydroformed tubes, with a legendary Brooks saddle, tubular mudguards, and 26″ or 27.5″ balloon tyres.

The powerful Bosch motor will propel you forward efficiently, spicing up your commutes.


Sam28_Black_SquareBrochure-greenSamedi 28 and 27 Xroad

versatile trekking /

The Samedi 28 is the bike for leisure rides through city streets or country lanes.

The high-end frame is available in two versions, Mixed or Open step-through frame. With a high-rise handlebar and a shorter frame, it is designed for comfort and ease while riding.

The Samedi 27 Xroad has everything it needs for efficient everyday use in town or trekking, with the added advantage that it is ideal for off-road biking – the 27.5″ wheels and Hutchinson Python tyres provide the comfort and traction you would expect from a mountain bike.


Dim28_Speed_SquareBrochure-greenDimanche 28

leisure or performance road /

The new Dimanche 28 is ideal for leisure rides. It is lightweight, dynamic, and streamlined to suit riders of all ages and fitness levels.

It is available in two  road models, and as a mixed version, X-road, with bigger tyres offering more comfort and super grip.

samedi-27-integrated-400pxBrochure-greenSamedi 27/9 and 27.5

recreational MTB /

Discover for yourself the potential of a Moustache electric mountain bike.

This impressive range of bikes is powered by the Bosch Active or Performance CX system with high torque batteries. Imagine being able to ride up (almost) as fast as you can ride back down…

For 2017 Moustache has created the world’s first ‘Hidden Power’ Bosch electric bike by integrating the the Bosch eBike system into their frames to create a truly stunning seamless look.

The motor is tilted and mounted in gravity castings within the alloy frame, while the Bosch Performance 500Wh battery is cleverly located in the down tube, offering a lower centre of gravity and ‘Hidden Power’ seamless look.

Brochure-greenMercredi12_SquareMercredi 12

beginner kids /

This walkbike is only Moustache bike without electric pedal assistance, but it uses the same technologies as high-end adult models.

The Mercredi 12 is designed to teach kids how to maintain balance on a bike, tthey can control their balance and speed.

Your child will gain confidence so it’s time for a bike with pedals, you won’t need training wheels!


Bosch Systems

Moustache, in partnership with Bosch, produce eBikes with superior performance, quality and reliability.

Drive Unit – the heart of the system

The drive unit of the Bosch eBike system is available in  Active, Performance and Performance CX versions. Whether you’re in the flow of city traffic, on an extended trail excursion or in mountainous terrain, the right choice of support will transform every tour into a uniquely personal eBike experience.


Efficient and progressive. Perfect for daily use.


Powerful and sporty


High torque and sporty

PowerPack – the energy source

Bosch PowerPacks are available with 500, 400, and 300 Wh as frame or rack batteries for both the Active Line and Performance Line. All three offer high energy density, exceptional mileage, long service life, low weight and easy handling.

Intuvia display – the control centre

Intuvia guarantees easy and intuitive control of your eBike. The viewing area remains clearly visible under all lighting conditions. The separate control allows you to keep your hands safely on the handlebar and you are guaranteed a clear view of all riding data at all times. The shift recommendation feature makes sure you always pedal in the right gear to preserve the battery and extend our range.

Watch this video of the Samedi 27/9 FS Gold doing what it does best