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Since 1892 Gazelle have been making quality bikes that are light and comfortable. As a market leader in the Netherlands, Gazelle has been a leader in innovations that make cycling easier and more fun – enjoy the feeling of having a tailwind all the time.

An ebike from Gazelle provides the perfect combination of easy riding, clever design and robust quality, with a choice from three batteries each with a different capacity and range.


Gazelle Orange C8 HM Open


Our prices:

£1979 with 312Wh battery
£2069 with 416Wh battery
£2149 with 482Wh battery

BATTERY Li-ion – choose your level
DISPLAY Impulse LCD – center
MOTOR Impulse – mid
BRAKES Magura hydraulic brakes
FRAME 46, 49, 53, 57, 61
COLOUR  black / silver
WEIGHT 23.3kg excl. battery

Gazelle Orange C7 HF Open


Our prices:

£1529 with 317Wh battery
£1619 with 369Wh battery
£1699 with 486Wh battery

BATTERY Li-ion – choose your level
DISPLAY Panasonic LCD – side
MOTOR Panasonic – front
BRAKES Roller brake and V-brake
FRAME 46, 49, 53, 57
COLOUR Nova blue 
WEIGHT 22.9kg excl. battery