We love our Urban Arrow!

We love our Urban Arrow!

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We bought our Urban Arrow from Velospeed in the autumn of 2017. 

John and Nick were great in plying us with tea while we went off on wobbly test rides along the Hampshire lanes. By the second test ride we had progressed to braving a brief family outing with all three of us on/in the bike.
Even after we had put down the deposit we worried whether we had made the right decision. While we are both regular cyclists, the size and the electric assist were different to anything we had encountered before, and it all felt a little intimidating.
We needn’t have worried. Two weeks after the delivery day we had used the UA almost every single day, and darting between bollards and negotiating wiggly bits of cycle path had become pretty much second nature. Even accidentally laying the bike over (a learning experience – don’t take a loaded UA off the stand while standing uphill of it!) was not a major drama – Ula was strapped in the Yepp seat but remained completely oblivious, happily licking the shoulder strap of her seatbelt even with the bike lying on its side…


The UA has proved a great workhorse – trips to the tip, the supermarket, Christmas shopping, moving a compost bin and its contents and many more random errands are easily handled. As baby transport it is perfect, either Ula is lulled to sleep almost within seconds or she is happy watching the world go by. Even with the addition of Mum in the front, the Bosch motor makes short work of most hills and even short sections of 1:5 can be beaten.


The other aspect to owning the UA – we have never ended up in conversation with so many strangers. It’s impossible to stop anywhere without someone sidling up to ask about the bike or comment on what a great idea it is. With Ula in the front the effect is multiplied (especially with added tinsel and fairy lights) and she is probably growing up to believe she is some sort of minor celebrity!
Were now looking forward to the summer and trips to the beach without the stress of having to find somewhere to park the car.



Tim, Shiona & Ula