My new Moustache Dimanche 28 Silver

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Dear Nick,

I am writing to say how pleased I am with my Moustache Dimanche 28 Silver, as I said to you when I purchased it, my reasons for going electric were health related and “am I glad that I did”.


I ride twice a week between 35 – 70 miles with my local CTC and boy do they like their hills, I had been riding a Chris Boardman Race before the change and was finding at 70, I just could not get up the steep hills and was very close to giving up my CTC rides. That’s not the case anymore! Since buying the Moustache from you, hills are a doddle and I can now look forward to a hilly ride. I only use the battery assist on hills or in strong head winds, and even on a 60 mile hilly ride recently it only used half the battery capacity. I must also add, that when I turn the unit off, the bike rides even better than my normal road bike, which rather surprised me. Is there a down side to an electric bike? Yes, the other riders can hear you zooming up behind them as you pass them on a hill and you get comments like “here comes Ernie the fastest milk float in the west”, but I can live with that, as I wait smugly at the top of a hill refreshed and ready for the next one, as they stop drained and gasping, who’s having the last laugh?

I would just like to say to anyone thinking of buying a Moustache electric bike, stop thinking and start enjoying!

Once again thank you for all your assistance and help and I would wholeheartedly recommend Velospeed to anyone.

A very happy customer, James