The new V’lec from Batribike – perfect for city commuters

The new V’lec from Batribike – perfect for city commuters

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The unique V’Lec Pocket+ is a compact, folding, lightweight electric bicycle – ideal for commuting, or for leisure users with storage space or weight restrictions.

vlec-3With the tagline ‘le vélo électrique’ the V’Lec brand was founded in the Jura mountains in eastern France. The founder, Augustin Charlot, was determined to produce the lightest foldable e-bike on the market.

Whilst compact and lightweight the V’Lec range utilises quality components to produce a folding electric bike that is very useable. The clever design ensures that weight saving components are multi functional. For example, the suspension bush that ensures a comfortable ride is also the clip that holds the back wheel in place when unfolded.

The lightweight electric bicycle is very simple to fold and store. The Panasonic powered motor gives a very easy assistance at the flick of a switch and battery charge levels are easily seen on the handlebar display.

The V’Lec lightweight electric bicycle is so easy to fold, and weighing in at around 10kg (exc. optional accessories etc) is perfect for carrying onto the tube or train for your commute. The pedal assist can take the bike easily up to 15 mph making the journey to work quick and simple.
Ideal for motorhomes, caravans and boats

Many leisure users with reduced carrying capacity have found that electric bikes have not been an option until now. The easy to remove, clip on, clip off, pedals make this a very slim package when folded, giving many users the option to carry two electric bikes when previously even one was not an option.


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