New bikes for 2016 from Moustache

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The French designers, Moustache, have added two exciting new bikes to their already impressive range: the Dimanche 28 Xroad and the Samedi 27.

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Dim28_Xroad_0777Dimanche 27 Xroad

Moustache have developed an off-road version of their Dimanche 28, with bigger tyres offering more comfort and super grip even on bad roads.

Lightweight, dynamic, and streamlined, the exclusive Dimanche 28 X Road combines radical and functional design by using multicavity extruded and hydroformed tubes. The bent down tube optimises the center of gravity, and, together with the top tube, increases vertical comfort.

The special fork is reinforced carbon, and this model also has a 15mm Qlock quick release for maximum safety and extreme precision.


Samedi 27

This year Moustache have developed a new mixed-use bike.

Ultra versatile, the Samedi 27 is equally at ease in urban environments, on the open road or on off-road trails – its  27.5 x 2.2 tyres provide grip in any terrain.

The high-end frame with hydroformed alloy tubes is available in two versions, Mixed or Open step-through frame. With a highrise ergonomic handlebar and a shorter frame, it is designed for those looking for comfort and ease while riding.

It is equipped with an efficient and sporty Bosch Active motor, 400Wh battery (with 500Wh as an option), and the GX 10 speed 14×11/42 drive train which makes for super wide capacity and more range.


Download a pdf of the 2016 Catalogue




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