New Philippe Stark / moustache M.A.S.S. bike

New Philippe Stark / moustache M.A.S.S. bike

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Philippe Starck’s Starckbike company together with Moustache bikes created the ‘MASS’ range of electrically assisted bikes designed and assembled in France. MASS stands for Mud, Asphalt, Sand and Snow – each bike has been adapted for specific terrains.

The Mud features a dual-suspension frame, suited to off-road riding.The Asphalt is available in 25- and 45-kilometre-per-hour versions for urban cycling. The Sand has extra large tyres for grip on coastal tracks, and a rain cover with pockets. The Snow design has a mono-arm fork for optimum snow evacuation and a fur frame cover for protection.

Starck Bosh detail2It was not as a designer but as a customer and user that Starck discovered Moustache. Over the years and their ongoing exchanges, the mutual willingness to build a new idea together naturally imposed itself. For the designer this involved continuing the vision of the French manufacturer, whose continuity of the intelligence that is the absolute essence of the bicycle he greatly appreciated.

The sophistication of the bicycle is above all the sophistication of the human spirit. Moustache is fully aligned with this vision. Moustache, moved by humility and discipline have always known how to explore the wonders of balance of the EAPC. S+ARCKBIKE with Moustache was obviousPhillipe Starck
The electrically assisted M.A.S.S. bikes have the elegance of intelligence, emphasizing technological innovation and ergonomics in the service of absolute luxury and comfort. They are the guarantee of an alternative, top of the line mobility that is relaxing and clean.

I wanted the bike to be able to go over all kinds of terrains and especially infinite and poetic territoriesPhillipe Starck

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