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What is an electric bike?

Get where you want to go without too much effort. Take some gentle exercise - yet always arrive relaxed. An electric bike is the ideal companion for health conscious cyclists. Whether you’re on the way to work, on the open road or shopping, your bike will assist you in every pedalling situation. You’ll be improving and maintaining your level of fitness while improving your carbon footprint.

Also, in these hard-up times, at about 5p per charge you will be saving money, too. That's 5p to get you up to 60 miles, compared to at least £10* in a car. There's no road tax, no insurance. Just get on and go. This is the future!

Our Electric Bikes

Our range of electric bikes offers outstanding value and quality. If you need a bike for commuting, shopping or pleasure we have one that will suit.

Please browse our website and take a look at the bikes we offer. We believe they are all very good value for money, well made and have good backup support. Any of these bikes should last for years whether you intend to ride to work every day, cycle for leisure or use them as a fitness aid.




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* calculated for a car averaging 10,000 miles a year, doing 40 miles per gallon at £1.20 per litre, with £300 insurance per year and £120 road tax. It doesn't include servicing costs, breakdown cover etc. Or depreciation, for that matter. So the true running cost of a car is even greater.